Marios Constantinou

>Hello World! I’m a Developer and a Computer Technician!

using Portfolio.Loader;
using Portfolio.JobFinder;

public class Portfolio : Marios Constantinou {
> Location : Nicosia, Cyprus;

            > Univercity: Department of Informatics – Ionian Univercity;

            > Computer Science;

            >I like {Design, Code, Espresso, Computer Hardware, Beer(craft), Video Games, 3D Modelling};

            > Website Development & Design
company : Pancyprian Co – Operative Hairdressers;
role: Website Developer;
start Date: DECEMBER / 2018;
end Date: MARCH / 2019;

            > resume.pdf

            > email:
> else: contact me.



Computer Technician

I am a skilled computer technician with years of experience on building, diagnosing and fixing computers. I can diagnose, fix and build a system on any platform (AMD or Intel) that’s on par with the needs of the client (Gaming, Video Editing, 3D modelling, etc). You can see my work here!



I am a beginner programmer that’s mostly focusing on C++, C#, Java and JavaScript. Most of my experience comes from small projects I did as an Indie Developer with Unity and Unreal Engine (Currently I am working with Unity) and as a Freelance Web Developer.


Website Developer

I design and develop websites such as portfolios, eshops, company catalogues using a mix of WordPress and JavaScript.