Hey, it’s me Mario!

A bit of a background:

From a young age, maybe ten or twelve years old, I began to show interest in computers. Mostly hardware and how it worked. I was intrigued on how the processor communicates with the graphics card and the motherboard. At that time, I owned a pre-build Lenovo desktop computer with nothing fancy and not so expensive.

As the years passed, I kept up to date with the technological advancements of this very big industry. I began to learn more about computers, for example how exactly a processor works, how RAM speed and latency can affect the overall performance of a computer, how a graphics card processes each frame and displays it on a monitor. After I fulfilled my military obligations, I came to Corfu, Greece to study Computer Science. With my savings I built my first computer with a 700-euro budget. It had an Intel i3 6100, an MSI GTX 1050ti graphics card, 8GB 2133mhz DDR4 HyperX RAM, a Kingstone 124GB SSD with a Seagate 1TB HDD and everything was on an MSI b150 PC Mate. It wasn’t much but it was mine and it was the reason for me to get involved in computers. From that time, I began saving more money to build a better workstation so I can get into software development and be able to experiment on my computer with overclocking/downvolting, do some 3D modelling, some web design, small Unity and Unreal projects and so on while at the same time I built and repaired many computers for clients.

What can I do?

I am a skilled computer technician with years of experience on building, diagnosing and fixing computers. I can diagnose and fix almost any system as well as build a computer on any platform (AMD or Intel) that’s on par with the needs of the client (Gaming, Video Editing, 3D modelling, etc.).

In addition, I offer professional website / e-shop development, management and maintenance. Lastly I am currently working on multiple projects on Unity. I can script or do Level Design with minor 3D Modelling. (mostly low poly models)


Click below to download my resume contain all the information you might need.

Get in touch

Email: mariosconsta@gmail.com
Call: +357 99402495